Kabul falls to Taliban as president flees

KABUL: The US-led coalition government present in Afghanistan has been seized and taken over by the Taliban. After they captured the capital and brought an end to the 20 years of war in the country.

Ashraf Ghani, the Afghanistan president, fleed as the government collapsed after the Taliban capture. The soldiers have seized the presidential palace. While speaking to a reporter, a spokesperson from the group said, “The war is over.”

The Afghanistan residents along with the foreign nationals are looking to escape the country after the chaotic stage set by the Taliban. All the staff at the capital’s international airport have abandoned their posts and everyone is seen running to planes.

The state department of the USA has stated that everyone from their embassy staff has been moved to the airport and soon they will be flown to the home soil. The US soldiers have secured the perimeter and are in constant efforts to take control of the air traffic control. To start the evacuation of the allied personnel and fellow Americans.

The whole of Afghanistan was under siege by the Taliban leaving Kabul the only major city in Afghanistan to hold out against the Taliban attack. The Taliban offence commenced months ago but as they went on to capture more territories. They increased their pace and the capture of Kabul came as a shock to many observers. As the foreign troops pulled out, it became easier for the militants to seize control of the capital.

US president Joe Biden stands firm on his action of retrieving troops from Afghanistan. Saying he can not explain an “endless American presence in the middle of another country’s civil conflict”.

More than 60 countries from all over the world along with the US and UK believe that security, peace and civil order should immediately be restored. And the local life should get back in order. They have released a joint statement which states that the Afghan people deserves a life in safety, security and dignity as the rest of the world.

They also appealed to the Taliban to allow anyone who wants to leave the country to do so. And to keep open all the means of transportation such as road lines, airports and border crossings.

The Afghan president announced his departure in a Facebook post addressing the citizens. He said that he decided to leave as he do not wish for more bloodshed in the capital of the country. The Taliban entered into Kabul after the president fled from the country. Other countries are also evacuating their personnel or trying to close their embassies altogether. 

Russia wishes to call an emergency meeting of the UN security council to discuss the issue of Taliban attack in Afghanistan. They have informed that their embassy will not close as the Taliban have assured them security.

Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister, have deployed about 600 troops in Afghanistan to help with the evacuation process. He said that he prioritizes the safe return of UK nationals and all the allied personnel that helped them over the past 20 years in their effort in Afghanistan.