China offers 31 million in aid to the Afghanistan government.

BEIJING: China has offered a 31 million aid package to the Taliban government in Afghanistan.

According to the News Agency, China has offered a humanitarian aid package, vowing to revive Afghanistan’s economy and rebuild society. China’s 31 million aid package could be used to eradicate the Corona epidemic from Afghanistan and alleviate malnutrition.

The aid package for Afghanistan was announced by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi during a meeting with his counterparts from Pakistan, Iran and Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. On the occasion, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that China would work with countries in the region to rebuild Afghanistan’s economy and society, as well as help fight terrorist groups and the illicit drug trade.

It should be noted that China has not yet formally recognized the Taliban government. But has announced that it will keep its embassy open in Kabul and today a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman contacted and cooperated with the new Taliban government. Assured. 

China has praised the Taliban’s establishment of an interim government in the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. And said it would co-operate with the new government. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenben said that they respect Afghanistan’s independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty and are ready to maintain relations with the new government.

Chinese spokesman Wang Wenben added that the establishment of an interim government was a necessary step for peace and reconstruction in Afghanistan and should be commended.

Spokesman Wang Weinban also expressed the hope that Afghanistan’s interim government would listen to people of all races and groups and prove by its actions. That they live up to the aspirations of their people and the expectations of the international community.

It should be noted that the Taliban has announced an interim government 20 days after taking control of Afghanistan. The 27-member cabinet does not include any women, nor does it represent any organization, group or minority other than the Taliban.